Video: The Story Behind Home Attendants Fighting Back

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Home Attendants Working 24 Hour Shifts Only Paid For Half, Demand Full Pay and Shorter Shifts

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Students Organizing Against Reynolds (SOAR) Launches Weekly Picket at SUNY-Binghamton to Demand Boycott of Reynolds/Pactiv

Press Advisory

Students Launching a Weekly Picket Line at SUNY-Binghamton. Demanding Harvey Stenger to Support the Boycott of All Reynolds/Pactiv’s Products on SUNY-Binghamton Campus


SUNY-Binghamton is allowing Pactiv/Reynolds’ sweatshop products to come onto its campus. Pactiv – a subsidiary of Reynolds – forced women in Kearny, NJ, to work up to 84 hours per week (12 hours 7 days a week) for weeks on end. This caused serious injury and even disability amongst the workers. Reynolds/Pactiv are known for disregarding the health and safety of workers, and busting unions around the US. This has caused worsening working conditions that are compounded by mandatory overtime.

Students who are either working part time or looking to find employment in the near future are appalled by Reynolds’ efforts to undermine worker rights in the country. By purchasing Reynolds products, Binghamton University is promoting these oppressive and exploitative working conditions that undermine our rights. Students are demanding President Harvey Stenger to support the Reynolds Boycott and to release a statement on his commitment in building a Reynolds-free SUNY-Binghamton Campus. Students will launch the first picket on September 22 joined by different student organizations, community organizations and faculty members, and the picket will continue once a week until the demands are met.

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Press Conference, Thursday 9/8 @ 11am

Home Attendants Call On First Chinese Presbyterian to Pay for All Hours They Worked

FCP workers will invite all home attendants to join them in demanding stolen wages, and ending mandatory 24-hour shifts

When: Thursday, September 8, 2016, 11 a.m.

Where: In front of 30 Broad Street (location of FCP office), Manhattan, 10002

Home attendants who have worked as many as two decades for First Chinese Presbyterian Community Affairs Home Attendant Corp. (FCP) caring for elderly and ill patients in their homes, filed a lawsuit against FCP. Most of these workers were forced to work 24-hour shifts for as many as seven days a week, but paid for only 12 or 13 of these hours. The workers were also denied overtime pay.

The patients of these home attendants have been approved by Medicaid to receive 24-hour care because of the acuteness of their needs. Many need to have their pampers changed, be turned over in their beds, given water or medication, or taken to the bathroom. Many are at risk for falling. Others have Alzheimer’s and wander. The home attendants are on call all night and most cannot sleep.

Despite this around-the-clock work, the FCP home attendants are paid only $10 or $11 an hour, and, despite being members of 1199, have not received a raise in eight years. When workers decline to work 24-hour shifts, they are told there is no work, or given few hours. Many workers have also suffered debilitating injuries on the job.

Joined by workers from Chinese American Planning Council and workers from other agencies, the FCP home attendants will demand that FCP resolve their case immediately by paying the workers their owed wages. They will invite home attendants from all agencies to join them in recouping stolen wages, and in demanding that workers be paid for all the hours that they work and not be obligated to work 24-hour shifts.

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